Fully integrated, online scheduling

Patients visit your website, select their specialist, and select an available appointment slot from a cloud-based schedule, all updated in real-time. Patients submit necessary medical history and other required patient forms at the time of scheduling, saving clerical staff time and resources, and maximizing scheduling efficiency.

Free up your staff

Administrative staff’s resources are valuable, especially for smaller practices. Online scheduling is not only an attractive patient experience, but allows staff to spend less time on the phone, and more time on revenue-driven tasks.

Increase revenue with self-scheduling

The more patients a specialist can see, the more revenue they bring in. While not the most profound observation, doctors have come to expect scheduling burdens like conflicts, no-shows, and cancellations. Imagine having your entire patient schedule online, synced to your physician’s personal calendars, and updated in real-time. Patients can easily fill last minute appointments, see all available slots, and more easily reschedule a cancellation.

Let’s grow your practice together

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